Morgan’s Rantings and Waxings

tales from an extrovert forced to be a recluse

Faith and I

Another new song. Faith and I I think about the times you rode your bike down And we spent all night just laying in the flowers And I said “Hey June, what is it you wanna do?” You said “Let’s climb that old water tower” And as this mad mad world slowly turns We’ll sit back and watch it all burn You broke all your ties with love and so.. Read More

Why’s Facebook Always the First to Know?

Another new song. Figured it was time for another long title song. Why’s Facebook Always the First to Know? Here comes that old apology For everything I can’t stop feeling And you know just what you do to me I’m just another heart you’re stealing Cuz you’re just like that old line I’ve always heard about love You burn me everytime And yet I just can’t get enough I’m always.. Read More

The Sad Bastard Waltz (in two movements)

Finally a new song! I might record this and actually put a video up here of me playing it, but in the meantime, here’s the lyrics. The Sad Bastard Waltz (in two movements) You share your cigarette as you hang up the phone Sure sucks getting caught in this, but it’s nice to not be alone And you say “have you ever seen the rain as a sort of celebration?”.. Read More

Hands in Hand

(wow, so I meant to post this ages ago when I actually wrote it) My first spiritual that I’ve ever written.  You won’t be able to tell from reading the lyrics, but it’s actually written in the tune and rhythm of the bells outside of my house that signal when the train come by.  And I’ll say that was only partially purposeful. Hands in Hand Precious Lord, take my hand.. Read More

April Says Goodnight

Apparently I have a new “months” theme going with my songs, with “May Calling” being the last song.  So next song may be called March something. April Says Goodnight The power’s out on State Street when April says goodnight And the heartbreak comes faster without the benefit of light We’re so sad and no good, so sad for no good tonight Because the power’s out on State Street, and April.. Read More

May Calling

This highway never seemed so long And it’s all the same Yeah it’s all the same Stuck in cities that we always swore we’d leave But we never change No we never change I always thought that if I just had more, then my insecurities would stop controlling me But there’s so much that I just can’t let go So I have to be the one to leave I’m leaving.. Read More

Sunset Strip Seems Crowded When You’re Sober

Lights out in Hollywood, the west coast is sinking I don’t remember where I was or what I’ve been drinking No shoelaces and holes in my feet because they like the way I move And somewhere along this road I lost you They say everyone gets their chance, and now I’ve got mine The magazines all say I’m hot right now, but it’s just a matter of time Maybe I’ll.. Read More

Icicle Lights and Taxi Cabs

My first ever Christmas song, and if you read my recent post on Christmas spirit, you can probably guess that it’ll be a little depressing. Icicle Lights and Taxi Cabs The city sleeps awaiting the dawn The motions are there, but the magic is gone And I don’t know what I grieve Maybe just another lonely Christmas Eve The silent snow falls and I long to be real The spirit.. Read More

The Cynic’s Prayer

One of the more spiritually depressing songs I’ve probably ever written, but I think there’s some hope in there too. The Cynic’s Prayer Brick by brick we built a tower to any height we could choose Did we get too close to your power? Did you have to confuse? Since then I’m just amazed At how much we have grown But must you miss all our days? Must we always.. Read More

Super Neurotic Man

Newest song.  My goal was to write the most romantic song I’d ever written.  It’s still a little jaded, but it’s pretty much the best I could do. Super Neurotic Man You packed your bags and moved right into my head Then you caught my hand, and now I’m addicted And I could swear there’s diamonds in your eyes And your smile could make the sun rise You make me.. Read More