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Costa Rica Trip Day 3

So one thing we didn’t realize is that the sun sets at 5:30 here, and it gets really dark almost immediately after that.  So every night we’ve looked at each other and asked “how late is it?” only to discover it’s 6:45.  We’ve also subsequently been going to sleep naturally way earlier than normal, and getting up way earlier than normal.  But it’s not so bad, because the mornings here.. Read More

Costa Rica Trip Day 2

We got up relatively early, and explored Margarita’s a little bit.  I believe we were the only ones staying there. \ After hearing several stories from Margarita, and some tips for where we should go, we rented a car and headed off to Manuel Antonio.  The GPS almost immediately got us lost, as we headed up a road that was only a road in the sense that there were not.. Read More

Corinne and Morgan Florida Trip Day 1

“I’m falling out from the window You’re calling out from your sleep” – Annuals, Sweet Sister I’ve decided for some reason to start each one of these posts with a song lyric.  Don’t read too much into them, they’re just from songs that we happened to listen to on the corresponding day. So this is Corinne and my first big road trip together.  My grandfather is 89, and he’s the.. Read More

San Fran Trip Part Deux

So hey, I’m in San Francisco right now, and it’s just as lovely as the last time I was here. I don’t know if I’ll have time to update much, but if you’d like to see pictures of my adventure, just check flickr and facebook, as I’ll be updating them there. Love from the West Coast!

Hawaii Trip Day 9

As I predicted, Day 9 would involve waking up early and being covered in sweat at some point.  However, this time we decided to also take a rental car along with us.  So we headed out and picked one up. It was a Toyota Prius, and I will say, it was quite fun to drive.  The reason we needed the car was because we met back up with Luke, Mandi,.. Read More

Hawaii Trip Day 8

Well as per usual, we got up quite early in the morning to head out somewhere beautiful and come back sweat soaked.  This time we went to the Manoa Falls Rainforest that sits in the middle of Oahu.  It’s a rainforest, a for real rainforest, and since the only reference point that Ron or I had to a rainforest was Jurassic Park, we never ceased whistling the soundtrack and quoting.. Read More

Hawaii Trip Day 7

(sorry for the hiatus on these, things have been a little hectic since I’ve been back.  Hopefully I still remember everything, but if not, I’ll try to at least make it entertaining) So Day 7 started by being attacked by a giant island snake.  I think I’m remembering that right.  Let’s try again. Originally I was just going to work this whole day, but Ron and Joel suggested climbing Diamond.. Read More

Hawaii Trip Day 5 & 6

Day 5 & 6 were the conference days, and I also worked during both days, so that’s why I’m putting them together.  Working from Hawaii is really not as rough as it sounds though, so don’t worry. So Monday morning, aka Day 5, I got up bright and early to help with the conference registration.  We were also passing out Agathon Group mugs, so that was my main responsibility.  I.. Read More

Hawaii Trip Day 4

We didn’t do a whole lot on day 4, other than complain about our amazingly sunburnt backs.  However, I mentioned in the previous post that Rachel took some pictures on an underwater camera while we were snorkeling.  She sent us the pictures, and here were my favorites from that: That’s Alan. That’s me and Alan.  I love how serious Alan looks. This is the sea turtle we saw! and that’s.. Read More

Hawaii Trip Day 3

One thing I completely forgot to mention about Day 2 was that when we go back from dinner, we decided to go for a late night swim.  The beaches in Hawaii do not close, and are all public property, so we needed little convincing.  Peter, Rachel, Joel, Ron, and I all threw on our suits and went for a swim under a full moon, with the full view of downtown.. Read More