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Oooo, that’s good new site design

Well, the acclaimed and much anticipated new site design (morganfoster.com 2.0 if you will), is finally unleashed (now with blog functionality!). So if you’ve checked my site before and ever thought “Man, I wish I could say something because this Morgan guy is a total idiot,” well now you can! I’m still in the process of moving all the content over, but that may take me a little while yet, so I figured I’d go ahead and unveil it now, since functionally it’s ready to go. Feel free to let me know what you think.

If this is your first time to morganfoster.com, then you won’t have any expectations of that crappy old design, and you can just take a look around as you’d like. You can take a look at the Random Thoughts archives (which I have completed moving over, so if there’s any old posts you ever wanted to comment on, feel free, I will see them). Or you can take a look at the Writings page page (a good chunk of which is transferred over), and you can even comment on my writings.

I have added a few new things too. To your left you will notice that there is an “Other Blog Categories.” I’ve been wanting to start a Sports blog, and so now I have. I am entirely too obsessed with sports, so I will probably update that quite a bit. So if you’d like some sports talk, please comment on that page and check back in. The “Other Blog Categories” may expand more later, but I’m not sure yet.

I’ve also added a media page, though I’m not quite sure yet what I’ll do with that one.

I also have a photos page, which I had on the old site, but actually never updated. Well, that’s about to change. Since I have a digital camera and a camera phone, I have no more excuses. I will certainly be adding plenty of material there. I have a tendency to be pretty impulsive when it comes to picture taking, and I rarely take pictures of myself. So if you’re worried about it just being a photo album of me and family, you need not worry. If you’re worried that it might be random stuff that you don’t find the slightest bit funny, but I apparently find hilarious, you may want to worry.

Also, my site is RSS ready now, which you can subscribe to using the links at the far bottom of the page.

So here it is, feel free to comment as much as you wish, make fun of me, agree with me, or love me (preferably the latter two), and I probably won’t delete the comments you make. And since I haven’t added anything in soooooo long, I will be adding a few random thoughts still yet tonight or tomorrow morning, so I’m going to get it rolling right off the bat. And keep checking back as I continue to transfer the old content over, and add new stuff.

Peace out.

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