4 thoughts on “Astronaut Love Triangle”

  1. I agree – it has everything: Astronauts, disguise, complex plots, romantic rivalry, silly props. And no one got hurt (except maybe the poor husband) so you fan enjoy it on your own.

  2. Dude, just when we were getting set to go back to the freakin’ moon, and someone has to pull a stunt like this. I have always had so much respect for astronauts. Dang.

  3. There is a sketch from the Upright Citizens Brigade that uses the premise “If astronauts want to leave the earth so bad, they can just stay in outer space, those planet traitors”, love it or leave it. Also on slashdot.org today they have an article posted about what are they going to do with astronauts on a 30 month trip to Mars to keep this kind of craziness in check.
    This is all the astronaut related material I have at this time.

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