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Happy VD Day!

No wait.  Happy V Day!  No wait, that’s no good.

Confectionery Heart Day!  There we go.

Ah the shallowest holiday of them all, and I don’t say that just because I’ve never had a date on it.  I watched Saw II last year, and I was tempted to watch something similar this year (though not Saw III, because that was a giant turd of a movie, that I saw on a date no less).  However, with a friend in town, I will instead be boozing it up and playing music with a bunch of friends.  Feels like a meaningful thing to do on this day (well maybe not the boozing it up part, but definitely the playing music and hanging out with friends part).

Okay, so some Valentine’s Day questions I’d like you all to answer.

Favorite Romantic Comedy:  You’ve Got Mail
Favorite Romantic Song:  Purple Rain (is that considered a romantic song?)
Favorite Strangely Romantic Song:  Marching Bands of Manhattan by Death Cab for Cutie
Favorite Celebrity Romance:  Dominic Monaghan and Evangeline Lilly (ie Charlie and Kate from Lost)
Favorite Cheesy Romantic Date Idea:  I’m a big fan of anything at the beach
Least Favorite Romantic Movie:  The Notebook, though I’d have to say Titanic is near the top as well
Favorite Saying On One of those Little Heart Candies:  “Maybe Tonight”  (thanks to Arrested Development)

Happy Confectionery Heart Day everyone!  I love you all.

12 thoughts on “Happy VD Day!”

  1. I want to answer questions!

    Favorite Romantic Comedy: it’s a close one, and I really like You’ve Got Mail (but didn’t know you did – most people prefer sleepless in seattle) but I also love Never Been Kissed.
    Favorite Romantic Song: Better Together by Jack Johnson, or any Jazz Standard
    Favorite Strangely Romantic Song: I’ll follow you into the dark by Death Cab for Cutie
    Favorite Celebrity Romance: Felicity Huffman and William H Macy
    Favorite Cheesy Romantic Date Idea: also the beach, or a dress-up dinner
    Least Favorite Romantic Movie: Titanic or A Walk to Remember, which I refuse to watch.
    Favorite Saying On One of those Little Heart Candies: “Fax Me” because it’s so unromantic.

  2. Ah, Morgan…

    Favorite Romantic Comedy: Mine- Love Actually. Hands down, without a doubt… all of the most wonderful (and heartwrenching) aspects of love wrapped up into one film… I could go on and on. Yours: You’ve Got Mail FUN. I like this movie. It has a little special place in my heart.
    Favorite Romantic Song: Mine: Crazy Love by Van Morrison. Don’t know why, but I’m in love with it. No stories or strings attached to it or anything… but it makes my neck tinglie. Yours: Purple Rain (is that considered a romantic song?) Ah, happiness. Love it.
    Favorite Strangely Romantic Song: Mine: Goodbye Until Tomorrow from The Last Five Years. Heartbreaking. Yours: Marching Bands of Manhattan by Death Cab for Cutie. Interesting talk to come tomorrow night.
    Favorite Celebrity Romance: Mine: Mary Kay Latoruno and Vili Fualaau. (Yeah, top that.)
    Favorite Cheesy Romantic Date Idea: Mine: I think it’d require a hammock or falling leaves or kissing in the snowfall. Yours: I’m a big fan of anything at the beach (Yeah, that works, too.)
    Least Favorite Romantic Movie: Mine: Titanic, even though I own it and went through “the phase” when it first came out. Yours: The Notebook, though I’d have to say Titanic is near the top as well (Half-ouch… I kinda love The Notebook.) 🙂
    Favorite Saying On One of those Little Heart Candies: Mine: “3 WISHES” Yours: “Maybe Tonight” (thanks to Arrested Development)— annnnnd that’s kinda funny.

    I want to see two people have a full out conversation using *only* those little candy hearts. I challenge you.

  3. Notes from an “old-timer”:
    Fav Romantic Comedy: either Same Time Next Year or a new one, The Holiday
    Fav Romantic Song: Misty by Johnny Mathis
    Fav Strangely romantic song: Bookstore Girl by Guess Who
    Fav Celebrity Romance: Burton and Taylor
    Fav Cheesy Romantic Date Idea: Chinese dinner and a movie (been doin’ it for years!!)
    Least Fav Romantic Movie: Titanic (I’m with ya on that one, and, FYI, The Notebook was excellent
    Fav Heart Saying: (stolen from a fortune cookie) Be sure to write things down (ya had to be there)
    HVD to y’all,

  4. Couple things I should say. First off, I have never seen the Notebook, and since two of you have defended it, it makes me think that I might be off about it. It looked terrible, but maybe it’s not so bad. So I need to come clean there. However, I have seen A Walk to Remember, and that movie sucked big time, so consider this my replacing The Notebook with A Walk to Remember.

    And good call, Dad, on Same Time Next Year. That is a wonderful and unique romantic movie. And that is so the perfect fortune cookie for you, and candy heart I suppose.

    Noddea, I have no idea who those celebrities are, and Bethany, good call on the jazz standards. I would have said that, but there’s just so many to choose, that I couldn’t narrow it down. But I guess “I let a song go out of my heart” by Duke Ellington is probably my favorite old jazz romantic song. But it still has a little bit of heartbreak to it.

  5. Me, late for Valentine’s Day? That’s unpossible!

    Favorite Romantic Comedy: Garden State
    (Favorite Romantic non-Comedy: totally Edward Scissorhands)
    Favorite Romantic Song: “Home” by Michael Bublé
    Favorite Strangely Romantic Song: “We Looked Like Giants” by Death Cab for Cutie, or “I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” by The Beatles
    (Ooh, or is it bad that “Master and Servant” (Depeche Mode) or “Closer” (NIN) would rank pretty high up there too? Maybe not so “romantic” I guess…)
    Favorite Celebrity Romance: any one where they actually stay together, so… lessee… uhhhhhhh, pass.
    Favorite Cheesy Romantic Date Idea: watching the sunrise. it’d be a better idea if the sunrise was closer to 9AM and not 6AM.
    Least Favorite Romantic Movie: Titanic is too easy, so I’d say anything with Jennifer Lopez in it.
    Favorite Saying On One of those Little Heart Candies: “Guapo” (thanks hispanic in-laws!)

  6. Favorite Romantic Comedy: When Harry Met Sally
    Favorite Romantic Song: Walking her home – Mark Schultz
    Favorite Strangely Romantic Song: Wrap Your Arms Around Me – BNL
    Favorite Celebrity Romance: Katharine Hepburn + Spencer Tracy, or if I can pick two – “Phylliam H. Muffman” (Phylicity Huffman + William H. Macy)
    Favorite Cheesy Romantic Date Idea: have a small jazz combo vamp while I read the “Woman” poetry. (So I married an axe murderer)
    Least Favorite Romantic Movie: Johnny Nemonic (no, wait, that’s just my least favorite movie ever) I’ll go with “you’ve got mail” – Jimmy Stewart in The Shop Around the Corner (1940) is so much better.
    Favorite Saying On One of those Little Heart Candies: IM ME (replaced “fax me”) because you can read it as I-M me or I’m me… it staggers the mind.

  7. Fav Romantic Comedy: When Harry Met Sally (or Pie in the Sky)
    Fav Romantic Song: Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton
    Fav Strangely Romantic Song: If I had a Million Dollars by BNL
    Fav Celebrity Romance: I try my best to not pay attention to that stuff
    Fav Cheesy Romantic Date Idea: walk along the beach + poetry + sunset
    Least Fav Romantic Movie: The Wedding Planner
    Fav Saying On One of Those Litte Heart Candies: I like the sayings Bart came up with on the Simpson’s Valentine Day episode (back when the show was good)

  8. I gave out Valentine cards this year–the third grade kind. It was awesome. The church kids I teach on Wednesday nights were excited. As were the church friends in approximately my age bracket.

    Favorite Romantic Comedy: Probably You’ve Got Mail; currently my favorite romantic movie (sans qualifier) is The Village.
    Favorite Romantic Song: I’ll Be Seeing You, James Darren
    Favorite Strangely Romantic Song: Everything I’ve Got, Blossom Dearie
    Favorite Celebrity Romance: Does Dwangela count? (To me, celebrities are a notch less real than the characters they portray–top ten signs of a theatre major??)
    Favorite Cheesy Romantic Date Idea: Hm…maybe a Star Trek convention….
    Least Favorite Romantic Movie: The Wedding Planner. (Oh, The Notebook…. It’s romantic in the old parts, but in the young parts it’s less romantic and more hormonal.)
    Favorite Saying On One of those Little Heart Candies: I don’t buy them because they mostly taste like I would imagine chalk tastes, but I do like reading them. Also the idea of having a whole conversation in them.

  9. just to chime in on “the notebook” it was rubbish. My present roommate owns (and loves) the movie so we watched it… only to make fun of it when she (roommate) wasn’t in the room. It starts to border on sweet at times but then it goes back into stupid-romance-movie-mode and become absurd (and not in the good way).

    I agreed with your original thought on it and would put it up there with Titanic….

  10. Favorite Romantic Comedy: I’m going to have to go with High Fidelity. I’m not a huge fan of the genre.
    Favorite Romantic Song: This is going to seem a little weird, but Made to Last by Semisonic. It’s just always been there. I don’t know why.
    Favorite Strangely Romantic Song: My ladyperson mentioned I’ll Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie, and that works, though I’d put it in the above category too.
    Favorite Celebrity Romance: I’m going to go ahead and agree with the ladyperson again. I love everything Felicity Huffman and William H Macy are in, particularly when Aaron Sorkin is involved.
    Favorite Cheesy Romantic Date Idea: Going to the park. I like nature.
    Least Favorite Romantic Movie: Pretty much all of them with the exception of the weird, quirky ones. I’m not a big fan of romance.
    Favorite Saying On One of those Little Heart Candies: I’ve always wanted to make my own, and have them be total non-sequiturs, like “Cliff Richard”, “Carbon-14” and a sequence that goes “Hold Me” “Thrill Me” “Kiss Me” “Kill Me”.

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