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OMG Free Time

So now that I have no church or play responsibilities, I have a ridiculous amount of free time. I don’t even know what to do with myself. So I figured I would give in and sign up for my own personal myspace account:


I’ve been resisting for a long time because I have this site, so I figured what’s the need for a myspace account? But since I have enough of you lovely people that I know on there now, I figured it’s about time I act like a teenager and get a myspace account. So if any of you are on there, feel free to friend me.

And one random thought:

Why do I feel fine being home by myself if it’s light out, but once it gets dark, I feel like a total loser?

Comments as always are appreciated.

5 thoughts on “OMG Free Time”

  1. I surprisingly had the day off work today, and I find that somehow when I have large amounts of free time I become very good at wasting it. If I have just a little bit of free time I do an okay job of scheduling things and being productive, but this is not the case when I have a whole day of no plans. I don’t feel like a loser if I don’t have plans when it’s dark, but I do feel that way if it is the weekend.

  2. I kind of like sitting at home by myself in the dark. Often I don’t think about turning lights on until I’m practically tripping over things. Of course, I also spend a lot of time watching TV or DVDs, and I don’t like having lights on when I’m doing that.

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