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Okay, since I’m getting my ass handed to me in my own tourney challenge, I figured I’d post something new. So here’s a random question for you all that I’m curious about. What’s the strangest album you own? Mine would probably be the Last Action Hero Soundtrack.  I also do own the Ghostbusters 2 soundtrack and the first CD I ever owned was Ninety Naughty Three by Naughty by Nature (wow, that’s shameful to admit). Ryan can probably tell you a lot more strange ones that I own, but what you guys got?

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  1. I have some obscure old christian rock cds, including but not limited to a girl-ska band called one-eighty. Yeah. I’m awesome.

  2. This shouldn’t really be a surprise for Morgan but I own some interesting ones including Montel Jordan’s “This is how we do it”, The Space Jam soundtrack, Bone Thugs and Harmony’s “Crossroads” and the Mo Money soundtrack. At the opposite end of the spectrum I a 2 disc greatest hits album of GLAD, a mid-90’s Christian acapella group.

  3. Wow, somebody else owns the Last Action Hero soundtrack! Sounds like we share a truly discriminating taste in music.

    The first CD I ever owned was Petra, “Beyond Belief.” Pretty dopey, but I break it out about once a year for the nostalgia factor.

  4. I have the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tape that you could get from Pizza Hut, I could give you at least a few bars from 4 or 5 songs probably from memory. Chronologically it comes during their downtime after their ultimate defeat of Shredder and the new movie that comes out friday (that looks like a big poopy to me).
    Most of my weird is in cassette format. A Ren and Stimpy album, a Hulk Hogan workout tape. “C’mon BROTHER!!! One more! Say your prayers and take your VITAMINS!” I’m happy that my new car has a tape deck.

  5. Oh man, Andy, you own that too? I’ve never felt so close to you.

    And RyanR, I remember listening to that Ren and Stimpy tape in your parents’ van and laughing my ass off. I still own that cd. I’m not ashamed of that in the slightest. However, I didn’t know about the Hulk Hogan workout tape. That is amazing.

  6. I’ve got “Dinosaurs” (Music from the Jim Henson show of the same name) featuring the hit “I’m the Baby, Gotta Love Me”.

    Though I think I’m less embarrased by that album than I am of Vince Neil’s “Exposed” featuring “Sister of Pain”

  7. While I was dopey enough to own “Beyond Belief”, I wasn’t so dopey to make a homemade video to the title song (like my sister and cousins did). As for me, I think my most embarrasing album is “Dark at the End of the Tunnel” by Oingo Boingo, though they should be more embarrassed by it than I. (*ba dum crash*) Strangest, though, is “Celtic Carols”, a bunch of Christmas music played entirely on uileann pipes and violin. Great, but strange.

  8. I have a sound check album that helps you test your Hi-Fi to make sure you’ve actually got “Stereo”. It’s an LP – you know – Vinyl. The odd thing is that it came included with an old reel-to-reel tape deck.
    Go figure Go figure

  9. I don’t have any strange albums. All of mine are total classics and are perfect.

    Oh wait, I own The Old Testament According to Ride ’em. It’s not strange that I own it, but it is strangely brilliant.

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