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Some Random Religious Thoughts

Haven’t really had long enough thoughts to make a full post as of late, so I figured I’d just throw out some of the random thoughts.

    – I listen to a podcast called "Freethought Radio" which is sponsored by the Freedom From Religion Foundation.  The show advertises itself as being the home for godless infidels and hellbound atheists (ie a clever way to say non-religious types).  I do find it funny that they do sort of assume that no one who is religious would be listening (such as myself), but I do find their views interesting, and while I don’t agree with some of their core thinking (and they are extremely biased), I do agree with lots of things they bring up.  I’m always tempted to email and say "what do you think of religious people who listen to your program, because I’m one."  Similarly, I always wondered what Bad Religion, my second favorite band ever, thought about fans of theirs who are Christian.  Just because I don’t share their same religious views, doesn’t mean I have to disagree with everything else they say.  It’s frustrating when Christians take one little opnion or event and use that to discredit everything about a person or group.

   – On Freethought Radio the other day they had a woman on who was an ex Christian Scientist, and she told a story about how her daughter had been diagnosed with cancer, and the church had told her not to follow the doctor’s recommendations, but to pray instead.  So the child died, and the woman, obviously upset, left the church and Christianity in general. 

    Now obviously I cannot relate to the pain a mother must go through when losing a child, but to just follow the advice of a religious group like Christian Scientists (who hold the not very popular idea of not using medicine, but praying instead), have that not work, and then that’s it?  It just seems to me like listening to an extreme religious view, and then saying "oh, all of it’s nuts."  Fundamentalism is not the standard Christian view, it’s just the most vocal, and the easiest to criticize as crazy.

    – I don’t understand how you could live in Vancouver and not believe in God.  (if that doesn’t make any sense to you, just imagine mountains and ocean)

    -  I’m really bad at discipline, and it amazes me how hard it is to try to get in a daily habit of spending time with God when the only person keeping me accountable is myself.

    – why is it none of the women grow armpit hair at all?  Oh wait, that was a Lost thought, not religious.

5 thoughts on “Some Random Religious Thoughts”

  1. “It’s frustrating when Christians take one little opinion or event and use that to discredit everything about a person or group.”

    And vice versa. I’ve had a number of conversations with atheists who were lambasting all Christians, and then would say, “Except you–you’re not like them.” And I would always wonder who They were.

    Generalizing has its place, but it’s also good to keep in mind that the reason we have to do it is because we can’t grasp the totality of life, the universe, and everything in our human minds.

  2. Absolutely, completely agree. That’s what I was basically getting at with the woman that was on Freethought Radio the other day. She was basically using one extreme view to lambast all of it.

  3. Tura and I were actually just talking about athiesm as a reactionary movement (in some, but not all, cases–avoiding generalization here). The woman on Freethought sounds like a classic case of that. By rejecting a certain vision of god, she isn’t actually developing an independent thought–she’s reacting to her circumstances by denying rather than embracing. It’s rebellion.

    (I use Dostoyevsky’s Notes from Underground as a great fictional example of this: If you’re caught up in doing the opposite of what a proscribed worldview says to do–aren’t you just as ruled by that worldview as those who embrace it?)

    Tura also gave me a great quote. She said a Rabbi and a scientist were talking, and the scientist said, up front, that he didn’t believe in god. The Rabbi responded, “I don’t believe in the god that you don’t believe in, either.”

    And, you know, maybe one of the women had a bunch of disposable razors and they’re being really thrifty with them. Just a thought. 😉

  4. Andy, holy cow, I have definitely never seen that article. I am amazing jealous now, because I wanted to have that conversation with Greg. Dangit, late again.

    And Alana, I love that Rabbi quote. Good stuff.

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