Bulls Thoughts (pre-game 6)

Well well, I didn’t think I’d be putting up another Bulls Thoughts again this season, but here we are.  The Bulls have certainly made things interesting, even though I still don’t think they’ll win the series.  However, if they win tonight, things get REALLY interesting.

Here’s one thing I am a little frustrated about, though.  The commentators during the game on Tuesday said "The Pistons will remember this as the game that got away."  What?!  The Bulls shot almost 62% (they almost set the record), completely outhussled the Pistons, and forced them to take a lot of bad shots the whole game.  Could it be that the Bulls just outplayed the Pistons?  The Pistons certainly played as if they expected game 4 to go to them, and they didn’t have anywhere near the energy they usually do.  So if you want to say they let game 4 get away, that’s fine.  But do the Bulls have to break the shooting percentage record to get credit for the win in game 5?  If you take out the 4th quarter of game three, the Bulls have really outplayed the Pistons the last three games.  Maybe it’s just my geographical location, but I’ve been hearing so much Pistons lost the game rather than Bulls won the game.  I don’t feel like I’m asking for much.

But I don’t like to spend all my time complaining about the media, so I’ll move on.  Quick thought: I’m still terrified everytime Tyrus Thomas touches the ball (unless it’s an alley-oop).  Not sure what to do about that.

Truth be told, the Bulls do know how to beat the Pistons, and they’ve figured it out again the last couple games.  However, if they don’t shoot well, their strategy for winning goes to hell.  Even with knowing how to beat the Pistons, if the Pistons can kick into that second gear that they seem to have every once in a while (like the 4th quarter of game 3), they are really hard to contain, even with a good strategy.

No one has ever come back from down 0-3 (we all know this).  However, someone is going to do it someday.  Could that be the Bulls?  I’m still doubting it, but they most certainly have planted that idea.  And if they win tonight, all bets are off.

I’m at least glad that this turned into a better series than it was initially looking like.

2 thoughts on “Bulls Thoughts (pre-game 6)”

  1. I agree totally with everything you said. Am I allowed to say that in the comment box? Especially when you’re a Bulls fan and I’m a Pistons fan?!?

  2. Ha! Yes you are absolutely allowed to say that in the comments, just to prove that a Pistons fan and Bulls fan can agree and get along. So if there is a game 7, should we watch that together? Or would that potentially ruin our relationship for the rest of our lives?

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