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Super Neurotic Man

Newest song.  My goal was to write the most romantic song I’d ever written.  It’s still a little jaded, but it’s pretty much the best I could do.

Super Neurotic Man

You packed your bags and moved right into my head
Then you caught my hand, and now I’m addicted
And I could swear there’s diamonds in your eyes
And your smile could make the sun rise

You make me want to believe in the fairy tales
I only see when I’m in your hands
And when our lips meet I wonder
If my heart will start beating again

I keep falling for you again
But it’s always just in my head
You’re so beautiful
And I can’t just keep still
Because I am super neurotic man

I can’t be too obvious so I stay on the move
But I like how you watch me from across the room
And when you dance the room stops as one
And the music in my heart beats in unison

You always made me want to believe that you were something
Like they only show up on the big screen
But I know better that you’re so much more
Than the fiction on my TV


So pack your bags and move back into my head
I may as well just give up because I’m so addicted

© 2007 Morgan Foster

4 thoughts on “Super Neurotic Man”

  1. Yeah, i liked this the other night. I’m glad you played it. It’s always interesting when you (you as in Morgan, vs. you as in the average person reading this) let people in a little bit and you wear your heart on your sleeve more often than usual, musically. You know how much I like your writing– but I’m used to “guarded” Morgan– as a musician and as an artist/lyricist, so this is refreshing. Still, I’m a *huge* fan of the song you played before it on Monday… and you should *probably* be doing that more often, too. It’s just a different Morgan than most are used to, I think, and I like getting to see that. A lot.


  2. There’s a “guarded” Morgan? I had no idea. I feel like I usually where my heart on my sleeve, and I usually don’t even think about it. I also feel like there’s been other songs I’ve written that have been more heart on my sleeve than this song, but either way, I’m really glad you like it.

  3. Lovely… that’s pretty much all I’ve got. Can’t wait to hear it… if I ever get to. 🙂

  4. Last night was the first time I’ve ever heard you guys perform this song. I love it. As always, your lyrics are amazing. You should record this.

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