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For those of you who have been following my site for a long time, you may remember this post from two and a half years ago:

Last Day

It’s really crazy to think back at what my life was before that monumental change in my life. Just to recap, that change was that I had been working at Best Buy and for the most part really hating my life, and I was hired by Gospel Communications, where I’ve worked ever since, and have always felt incredibly fulfilled and good about my employment ever since.

Well a full two and a half years later, I’m approaching another one of those moments in my life, and going along the same language of that previous post, I guess I would say I’m opening a new chapter once again in my life. My band (Common Shiner) and I have decided to move to Chicago this fall, which is exciting, but as I’ve mentioned many times, I tend to get very sentimental, so the thought of saying goodbye to Grand Rapids is really hard to think about, but something I’m going to have to do.

I’m sure I’ll write more about that over the next few months, but the first step is saying goodbye to Gospel Communications.  As part of my move, I’ve also taken a full time job with the company Agathon Group.  This has nothing to do with personal conflicts or dislikes of Gospel Communications, and I should say I’m not leaving entirely, as I’ll still be working part time, but it is going to be different, and though I may still be working part time, I still have to say goodbye in a lot of ways.

And as always when the end approaches, you start to realize all the things you take for granted, and all the things you said you’d do but never did.  All the lunches I was supposed to have gone to with co-workers, and all the after work hanging out that was supposed to happen.  And as the end approaches, I keep wanting to make every moment count.  Make sure I really say hello to everyone, not just go through the motions.  Desperately try to have a real conversation with the warehouse guy that I only ever talk sports with.  Never turn down an invitation for lunch.  Those types of things.

At the same time, I know it’s just a vain effort to say goodbye to everything, but come next Friday, it will all change, and I will have to accept it.  But it’s amazing the difference between saying goodbye to this past chapter in my life, and the one before that.  Unlike before the good things that I will remember were not few and far between, but consistently present.  But either way, I will still have to strip off my metaphorical Best Buy shirt, burn it in my metaphorical Weber grill, and drink a toast to God for bringing about surprises and changes in each chapter of our lives.  I am glad that I can drink a toast to this past chapter of mine being an enjoyable one overall.

4 thoughts on “Changes”

  1. Wow. We’re moving at the same time. It’s like we’re moving buddies… only we’re neither starting nor finishing at the same place, and we’re kind of going in opposite directions compass-wise.



  2. Thoughts on change:

    1a) We’ll miss you around here terribly
    1b) But we’re happy that we’ll still talk to you regularly

    2a) Your life will change immeasurably
    3b) others lives will change, comparatively, very little. You may need to make more effort to stay in touch.

    3a) I’ll try to be someone that doesn’t require extra effort
    3b) I hope that’s OK

  3. I’ll miss you too. And that is perfectly OK if you’re someone who doesn’t require extra effort. In fact, I would appreciate that.

  4. the nice thing about being the person who is leaving (instead of the one left behind) is that you have new and exciting things to temper your sentimentality.

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