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First Day Craziness

Just for the record, starting a new job just after playing 4 straight days of gigs with your band (one of those gigs being a CD release party) and being in a play that has rehearsal every night is just crazy.

And thus is my life at the moment.  So there probably won’t be many updates or posts until things settle down.  Just saying.

6 thoughts on “First Day Craziness”

  1. There are always these kinds of times cropping up. Just need to keep as much perspective as you can – and take a little time to kick back when you can. Think BEARS!

    Right now Mom is using your EP as background to her garage sale preparation. You’ve made it to the top, big guy!

    We love CS.

  2. this past friday night was just awesome.

    the new album is phenomenal.
    I can’t take it out of my CD player.

    take a time to relax when you can
    and enjoy the simple things.

  3. Please! I am able to move to a foreign country, learn a new language (sort of), start a new job AND keep up my blog. By the way, how does one get your new CD in Russia?

  4. Oh alright, you win.

    And you should be able to get the cd on CDBaby or iTunes within the next week or so. I’ll let you know when it’s up.

  5. So I guess I won’t ask you if you’ve finished Harry Potter yet.

    In other news, I still owe you five. I’ve got it sitting in my purse with your name on it. 😉

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