NFL First Guessing – Week 2

Well football is back and I couldn’t be happier. Well I guess I could. The Bears could have won, or at least one of my fantasy teams could have won. Or at least the Cubs could have won last Sunday. Nope, none of those. So hopefully I’ve started off with the low point and it’s all up from here.

By the way, me and my friend Jdub have officially started our Bears podcast, although we still have a decent amount of work to do on it and whatnot. Thus far only our first episode is available, but we’ve done 4, and hopefully those will all be available very soon. Also, we will be doing the podcast weekly, and as we get the hang of this, those should be available right after we do them and whatnot. You can check it out at:

So since I pretty much express all my Bears thoughts on there, I won’t express them as much here. So onto the picks.

Houston @ Carolina

This team is on the rise, I’m telling you.

Atlanta @ Jacksonville

Yeah, Atlanta blows. Jax will bounce back.
Indianapolis @ Tennessee

Upset alert, in case you couldn’t figure that out. Just a gut feeling on this one.

San Francisco @ St. Louis

St. Louis looked terrible in the first week, and they’re better then that.

Green Bay @ NY Giants

I hate picking Green Bay, but the Giants this past week were a mess (not in the game outside of that), and it’s just hard to pick them

Buffalo @ Pittsburgh
I think this will actually be a pretty good game though.

Cincinnati @ Cleveland

When was the last time a week one starting QB got traded immediately after week one? What a mess Cleveland is.

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay

Much like the Bears, this is the perfect bounce back game.

Minnesota @ Detroit

That’s right, I’m picking Detroit to start 2-0. Yikes. This pick is sure to fail.

Dallas @ Miami

Wow Dallas’ offense looked great (which is fantastic for me since I have Romo and Witten on my fantasy team).

Seattle @ Arizona

Yeah, easy enough.

NY Jets @ Baltimore

Although I’m rooting for the Jets like crazy in this game.

Kansas City @ Chicago

Perfect bounce back game for my boys.

Oakland @ Denver

Easiest pick of the week.

San Diego @ New England

There is all kinds of drama surrounding this game.

Washington @ Philadelphia

Yeah Philly will bounce back.

Go Bears!

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  1. I monitor the intertubes for spelling and grammar issues and I think you meant to say the Bears “won” or at least one of your fantasy teams “won”

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