NFL First Guessing – Week 3

Well since so far we’ve not been very good about posting our Bears Talk podcasts that we’ve been doing, and the two of us are really really busy this weekend, I’m going to post my Bears thoughts on here.

First off, I really really like what Babich is doing with the defense. They’re bringing all kinds of different looks and blitzes (I mean heck, Urlacher had his first sack in 3 years last week, and that’s not a sign of him not playing well), and I think they’re going to be a lot harder to figure out this year. That’s kind of scary. They do still have the bend don’t break mentality, but now Babich is peppering that with some suddenly super aggressive lineups, followed immediately by traditional cover 2 lineups. I’ve been pretty impressed with his play calling, and I really do think this defense could be even better than it was last year (and again, that’s scary).

Now the offense on the other hand. Unimpressive hardly even describes it. Well let’s just look at the two major cogs of the offense:

The Rex Grossman Arguement

First off let me just lay this down for everyone. Rex Grossman is NOT the only option for the Bears. I hear sports writers and people say “well there must be a reason that Rex is starting, they don’t have anyone else.” Wrong. For those of us who have been Bears fans for a while we can tell you, when the Bears coaching staff makes a decision, they stick to it until it’s so ridiculous that everyone wants to die, and then they make a change. It’s going to take at least two maybe three last-year’s-game-against-Arizona’s to get him to lose his job. And believe me, that’s not because Brian Griese can’t play. It’s because the Bears are the most stubborn coaching staff in the world (which is both comforting and amazingly frustrating).

However, the main reason why Rex is the starter right now, and why he should remain that (or at least be given a shot) is because he is the kind of quarterback that can single handedly win a game for you. He has the talent to do that. However, his inconsistency can also single handedly lose a game for you. So basically what the hope is is that his consistency will balance out, and he won’t single handedly lose any games, and every once in a while will single handedly win us a game.

So that’s why he’s the quarterback, and why he should be (in my humble opinion). I believe in the kid, I really want him to succeed, but I am starting to get low on patience.

However, the guy that I have a lot of doubt about:

Cedric Freakin Benson

Have you ever seen a more uninspiring 100 yard performance?  The thing that irritates me about him is that he doesn’t even act like he cares.  I’m getting a little tired of it.  And we traded away the guy that completely made up for what he lacked in talent in heart (ie Thomas Jones).  Cedric needs to get over himself and get fired up.  I’m not asking him to be a big leader, I just want to see that he cares.  My patience with him is going to run out really really soon.

I’ll talk about the upcoming game more in a bit, but the offense really needs to get in gear, and I really do think this will be the week to open it up (the return of Greg Olsen will help).

By the way, I blow in fantasy right now.  I’m 1-5 between my three leagues right now.  Ugh.

On to the games…

So I realized I forgot to put up my record so far, so I’ll put that up here:

First Week – 11-5
Last Week – 9-7
Season Record – 20-12

Indianapolis @ Houston

Poor Houston.  On such a roll, and no Andre Johnson this week.  I might have picked them for the upset, but not without Andre Johnson.  But I think Houston still makes a game of it.

Buffalo @ New England

I’m so sick of New England already.

Miami @ NY Jets

Thomas Jones’ breakout week.  I’m hoping both because I like him and because he’s on my fantasy team.

Detroit @ Philadelphia

I can’t believe I’m making this pick, but this is more of a “pick against Philly” not “pick Detroit.”

San Francisco @ Pittsburgh

Both teams 2-0.  San Francisco is pretending, Pittsburgh is not.

St. Louis @ Tampa Bay

St. Louis has to wake up right?  Until then, I’m not going to pick them.

San Diego @ Green Bay

I liked San Diego before, and they’re starting to irritate me with their big mouths.

Arizona @ Baltimore

Ummm, yeah.

Minnesota @ Kansas City

This feels like I’m picking an upset, but I guess Vegas thinks that Arrowhead is a tough place to play, regardless of how terrible KC is.  So I guess I feel the same.

Cleveland @ Oakland

This is a must win for Oakland.  But Cleveland’s offense is so good right?!  I could totally see Derrek Anderson throwing like 6 picks in this game.

Cincinnati @ Seattle

So yeah, Cincinnati – defend much?  That was sad last week.

Jacksonville @ Denver

Jacksonville kind of blows.  That’s all I have to say.

Carolina @ Atlanta

Joey!  Joey!  Joey!

NY Giants @ Washington

This could be a really close game, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the Giants pull this out.

Dallas @ Chicago

The battle for the NFC.  I’m really really close to picking Dallas in this game, just because I think we’re going to have to score 24 points to win, and I don’t know if we can.  However, I think the Bears D is good enough to surprise the cocky Cowboys, and I could see us picking off Romo at least 3 times.  Either way, I think this is a really good game.  With Olsen returning to the Bears lineup, that should really open things up, and I think Turner will open up the Bears playbook this week.  Grossman could go deep a few times in this game, and I see Berrian having a big 65 yard touchdown, and Desmond Clark having like 10 catches for like 110 yards.  I also see Romo having probably 300ish yards passing, and a couple touchdowns. Final something like Bears 31-24.  We’ll see.  Should be exciting regardless.

Tennessee @ New Orleans

This is the game New Orleans officially drops out of it.

On to week 3.

5 thoughts on “NFL First Guessing – Week 3”

  1. 1. God, I hope the Bears destroy the ‘Boys this week.
    2. I haven’t given up on New Orleans yet, but if they can’t win this one at home…
    3. San Diego vs Green Bay fascinates me. It’s a sexy pick this week to go with the Pack at home, but when you match up a strong AFC team against anyone in the NFC, I don’t think that’s a smart pick.
    4. You’d better hope the Pats lose a game some time in the next 4 weeks otherwise you’ll be getting “16-0” talk 24/7 on ESPN. Although how sweet would it be if 8-0 New England faced 7-0 Indianapolis on Nov. 4?
    5. The Steelers better be at least 4-1 going into their bye week because the schedule is BRUTAL after that.

  2. Always enjoy your comments after your picks. Keeps me in touch with what’s going on without having to watch ESPN or read the idiots in the newspaper. Tim has some interesting ideas too. Go Bears.

  3. Everybody now…

    “And now the Saints
    Are Oh and Three
    And Deuce McAllister hurt his knee
    I don’t think they’re making the playoffs
    ‘Cause those Saints are Oh and Three”

    So when did the AFC south become a tough division?

  4. Ouch, yeah no kidding. And to add insult to injury, I needed 21 points between Brees and Bush in one fantasy league, and 11.5 points from Colston in another league. Brees and Bush got me 20, and Colston got me 10.8, so I lost both fantasy games by a point. Ugh. I’m now 2-7 between my three fantasy leagues.

    And I have McAllister in two leagues. Did you come up with that chorus all by yourself? That’s pretty good. You should try to sell it to ESPN, because they’ll no doubt be searching for something along those lines.

    And the Bears piss me off, by the way, but more to come on that. So go Cubs!

  5. Yah, I came up with it by myself…maybe I’ll try and come up with a new version each week until the Saints win a game.

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