NFL First Guessing – Week 4

So since I’m not sure what’s going to happen with the Bears Talk podcast, at least until I’m less busy, I’ll post my Bears thoughts.

First off, we may be in a lot of trouble. We’re getting hit with the “superbowl loser” curse, at least in regards to injuries. Dvoracek and Mike Brown gone on day 1. Well not a huge deal, we can get over that. And now Tillman, Vasher, Tommie Harris and possibly Briggs? Yeah, that hurts. I think Briggs is in this week, but the other three are all out for possibly up to 4 to 6 weeks I think.

But on the bright side, I do completely agree with the Griese switch, and I think it especially comes at the right time. Though our offensive line has been playing very poorly (and they are suddenly looking very very old), Griese is taller and gets rid of ball quicker. I’ve heard people saying “but if the O-line stinks it won’t make a difference if Griese’s in there.” Wrong, for the reasons I just mentioned.

Madden said this during the game with Dallas – “Even if they bring in Griese, that’s just a band-aid, it’s not a permanent solution.” Well guess what? Of course he’s not a permanent solution! This is a team that has the pieces in place to possibly be superbowl contenders, so I don’t give a crap about a permanent solution, I want one for this year. And if that means Griese, so be it. We can worry about the future later.

So overall, I really do think he’s going to open up the offense, and just get them going, and what a perfect week to do so. The Detroit Lions. This game could turn into a shootout, which would be kind of crazy, as both defenses are hurting (well the Lions’ isn’t hurting, they just suck). We’ll see.

Surely this is the savior of the Bears right?

Who knows it may turn out horribly, but the Bears just basically need to stay afloat right now, and they can still stay in this. First things first, they need to win 2 of the next 3 games, and that would take us into the bye week at 3-3. We can still recover from that. I’m not quite buying Green Bay yet, Minnesota is terrible, and the Lions are the Lions.

So that’s that. And if New Orleans could do anything on offense at all, I would have won all three of my fantasy games last week, instead I only won one of them. Bastards.
Now onto my picks for this week.

Last Week Record: 11-5
Season Record: 31-17 (man, not bad so far eh?)

Green Bay @ Minnesota

I’m really really not sure about this game. Green Bay does not usually play well in the Metrodome, but Minnesota is just a bad bad team. If they win this game, it will be because the defense scores like 2 touchdowns.

Houston @ Atlanta

Yeah Atlanta blows. DeAngelo Hall man. What’s the deal. Anyway, whatever. By the way, I LOVE Houston. I’m so a Houston fan this year.

NY Jets @ Buffalo

There are way too many road favored teams this week. So this will be one of my upsets. I just don’t know about the Jets. I feel like they’re a talented team, but they’re just like not together or something. I just don’t know about them.

Baltimore @ Cleveland

Yeah, easy one.

St. Louis @ Dallas

Wow St. Louis. What happened? I really don’t know when they’re going to win a game. The schedule doesn’t seem to be lightening up.

Chicago @ Detroit

However, I’m already setting myself up to be disappointed if the Bears lose this game 34-28.

Miami @ Oakland

Mainly I pick this because I want to see Ronnie Brown light it up again like he did last week. (fantasy team)

Seattle @ San Francisco

This is just a gut thing. I have no reason for this pick.

Tampa Bay @ Carolina

I’m not buying Tampa Bay yet either, although I do think they are a decent team. I actually think this should be a really good game.

Pittsburgh @ Arizona

Umm, yeah.

Kansas City @ San Diego

The two most underperforming backs in the league going at it.

Denver @ Indianapolis

I really wanted to take Indy in this game, but never ever go against Indy at home.

Philadelphia @ NY Giants

Philly’s the sexy pick this week, and the Giants D is pretty bad too, but I don’t know, this is just gut again. (There just has to be a few upset home teams this week. There has to be. And I’m praying the Lions are not one of them)

New England @ Cincinnati

I don’t know when New England is going to lose this season.

With all the road favorites this week, and the fact that I did go with most of those road favorites (the only upsets I picked were Buffalo, San Francisco, and NY Giants), I’ve got a bad feeling my picks are not going to go so well this week. As long as one of them is right.

3 thoughts on “NFL First Guessing – Week 4”

  1. I’m pretty sure I just heard the words “Great interior blocking by the Cleveland Browns!” by the commentator on TV. When’s the last time we heard that…1985? Oh, and the Browns have scored 24 first half points on the Ravens (with 4 minutes lef in the half) … wow!

  2. Wow – you were really close with your statement, “I’m already setting myself up to be disappointed if the Bears lose this game 34-28.” I still think the Lions aren’t any good. They usually have a game or two that they surprise someone, and the way the Bears have been playing, this was a good one to do just that. I still think the Lions will not challenge for the division–I’m hoping the Bears get it together and go after…Green Bay?!?

    The Lions remain a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in doggy-doo. But I could be wrong…

    PS Got your message after you were already in your performance–glad to hear it’s going very well!

  3. Yeah, the Bears are just a mess right now. I just posted some of my thoughts on the Bears, so I won’t even speak to that anymore.

    And yeah the Lions are kind of an enigma. I think they could be really solid, but they’re kind of like the Chiefs from a few years ago, in that they have a really solid offense, and just no defense. So they could very well end up making the playoffs, and just get crushed by a better team.

    We’ll see. Nevertheless, 3-1. Did any of us pick that?

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