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Monster Channel?!

Am I seeing this correctly?  I was just scanning tivo.com (Online Scheduling) to see what good horror movies I could Tivo in the next few weeks to Halloween, and I noticed that Dish apparently has a “Monster” channel.  I’m looking online, so I’m actually not entirely sure if I get that channel or not, but if I do, holy cow it’s gonna be some good times on Morgan’s tivo.
I can’t even describe how excited I am that that channel exists.

5 thoughts on “Monster Channel?!”

  1. Upon further inspection of the lineup of the Monster channel, it is officially the greatest TV channel ever I’m pretty sure.

  2. Yeah – Monsters|HD is available on Dish – but only in HD. We just installed Dish Network and I was kinda excited when I saw that…then I saw the * indicating it was only in the HD package. I was then bummed.

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