NFL First Guessing – Week 6

Bear down, Chicago Bears!

So hey, beat the Packers and over-dramatically saved the season?  I don’t know if we saved the season, but we DESPERATELY needed that game, and our defense came up big when they needed to, despite the fact that they played the worst first half of the season.

And thank GOD we finally got Olsen and Clark going.  Sheesh.  I think the effectiveness of using those two tight ends has been the most obvious thing in the world to most Bears fans, and hey apparently the coaches finally noticed this too.  The nice side effect of this is that defenses have to start covering that, and holy Cow we may actually have open wide receivers.  Possibly even a running game!  Surely not!  Actually I still don’t think we’ll have a running game, but a man can dream.

The main thing the Bears need back is the swagger (at least as far as the defense is concerned), and beating Green Bay when they’re undefeated in Lambeau has got to be the thing to get it back.

Sidenote:  I turned down tickets to the Bears game this weekend (free ones).  Don’t ask me why, it’s too painful.

And in Fantasy news, had another terrible week.  I’m 0-5 in one league, 1-4 in another (where I have the 3rd most points in the league), and 3-2 in another.  My best team is probably the league I’m 1-4 in, I just haven’t gotten any breaks.  And my 0-5 team is actually a pretty good team, and I have to be honest I’m really not sure why I haven’t won in that league.

But whatever, on to the picks.

Last Week Record:  10-4
Season Record:  47-29

Tennessee @ Tampa Bay

I’m really not sure about Tampa.  Earnest Graham the full time running back?  I mean, I’ve got him in fantasy, so I wish him the best, but I don’t know.  But it’s still hard to pick against them at home this week.

Minnesota @ Chicago

The battle of horrid offenses, however, I still think Chicago’s offense is better.  If Chicago gets any kind of passing game going, they could actually win pretty easily.  But never ever trust Chicago’s passing game.

Houston @ Jacksonville

Yeah why not, I’ll make this the upset special of the week.  I still think Houston is a solid team, and I still think Jacksonville is over-rated.

Miami @ Cleveland

This is one of the few times in the past several seasons that we’ve gotten to this point in the season and there have been teams worse than the Browns.  However, when was the last time we had two teams as bad as the Dolphins and the Rams this far into the season?  Speaking of which…

St. Louis @ Baltimore

Yeah.  St. Louis is terrible, and Baltimore is mediocre really at best (well they’re a QB away from being decent).

Washington @ Green Bay

Is Washington really a good team?  I can’t quite figure it out.  I’m rooting for them this week, though, I’ll tell you that much.

Cincinnati @ Kansas City

Cincy has got to be better than this right?

Philadelphia @ NY Jets

I don’t know why I continue to believe in the Jets, but I’m not learning my lesson.

Carolina @ Arizona

So I thought maybe Carr would be decent for Carolina, but apparently not.

Oakland @ San Diego

I think San Diego may have awoken last week.  I’m only hoping the Bears did too.

New England @ Dallas

Who would have thought I would be rooting for Dallas?  However, did that Bills game totally feel like the Arizona game with the Bears last year?  It was kind of spooky.

New Orleans @ Seattle

If New Orleans loses this they are officially done.

NY Giants @ Atlanta

Yeah, I got nothing to say on this one.

Yay, more football.  And I actually get to watch the Bears game this week!  Woo-hoo!

2 thoughts on “NFL First Guessing – Week 6”

  1. Ok, Devon Hester is the scariest player on the planet. How on earth does he return this many kicks for Touchdowns? It’s like he’s never watched football before to know that you’re not supposed to be able to return every other kick for 6. Oh and thown in a 80+ yard receiving TD to boot…

    About Jacksonville…I’m curious as to why you think they’re over-rated. I picked them as one of my wild card teams because teams with 2 solid to really good running backs and a good defense can win a lot of close games over the course of a season. Making the decision to go with David Gerrard and cut Byron Leftwich was one of the best and most courageous moves I’ve seen an organization make at the QB position in a long time. The Jaguars did the opposite of what the Falcons did with Vick/Schaub (before the dog fighting stuff came out). They decided that their backup was a better player for their team than the big expensive 1st round pick and they gave him the keys. Stats so far this season: 66% completions, 9 TD 0 INT. I’m going to keep a close eye on their game this week against Indy. I think Indy will win it, but the Jags have historically given recent Indy teams trouble and I think this Jags team is built very well to give Indy trouble again.

    Crazy stats:
    21 TD, 2 INT, 72% completions for Tom Brady so far this season. He’s on pace for 56 TD, 6 INT, 4723 yards. The most amazing part of the New England offense that no-one knows about is how much time the offensive line is giving Brady to throw the ball. Right now Brady is throwing 2.5 touchdowns for every time he’s been sacked.

    And lastly…lets give it up for Vinnie Testaverde for being the oldest starting quarterback to ever win an NFL game.

  2. Yeah I guess you’re right that I may not be very high on Jacksonville for unknown reasons, I don’t know it’s just a feeling. I mean can Garrard really be that good for very long? I don’t know, just feels like a matter of time thing with him.

    But I reserver the right to be completely wrong.

    And yeah, Devon Hester is other-worldly.

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