NFL First Guessing – Week 9

Well I don’t have time again to post many of my thoughts this week, and since the Bears are off, I’ll just say they stink and call it good.  I’m in the midst of setting up my new apartment as well, so it’s hard to find much time at the moment, but here are my picks for this week.

Last Week Record:  10-3
Season Record:  73-43

Arizona @ Tampa Bay

Denver @ Detroit

Carolina @ Tennessee

Green Bay @ Kansas City

San Diego @ Minnesota

Jacksonville @ New Orleans

San Francisco @ Atlanta

Washington @ NY Jets

Cincinnati @ Buffalo

Seattle @ Cleveland

New England @ Indianapolis

Houston @ Oakland

 Dallas @ Philadelphia

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh

Bears may have their best week yet!

3 thoughts on “NFL First Guessing – Week 9”

  1. Some interesting picks. I think that Indy/NE is a tossup, but my old roots are nagging at me to pick NE. Oakland over Houston is also interesting. I just hope the Bears can beat them.
    You’re record isn’t too bad so far; how does it compare with Tim?

  2. Yeah, my record so far has been pretty solid. I’m picking Indy mainly because I want New England to lose, although I do think New England is possibly the best team I’ve ever seen.

    I don’t think Tim’s been picking games at all this year, so I don’t know how I’m doing in comparison, but I bet I’d be kicking his butt (right Tim?). Yeah, my record is pretty darn good this year. I’ll have to check what my record was at this point last year.

    And by the way, I’m pretty much officially a Lions fan for the rest of the year. Bears are done, and amazingly frustrating to follow (so in other words, I guess they’re back to normal).

    So go Hawks (they won again last night!).

  3. You are correct…I’m not picking games. I don’t think I’ve ever picked games actually.

    I was shocked at the Vikings win over San Diego…I never saw that coming in a million years. I was not shocked at all with the NE/Indy outcome. I had a feeling the defenses would prove a little better than most people expected. The Pats O-line started out shaky, but fixed things up at half-time. Brady had an extra second in the pocket in the forth quarter and that’s all he needed.

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