Morgan’s Tourney Challenge

Well it’s that time of year again. The best American sporting event meets the best American blog by a guy named Morgan Foster. Last year’s winner Steve Fridsma returns to defend the title, and Andrew Huisjen who won two years ago and placed third last year is back as well. Couple new faces as well (including Ron who said “I know nothing of basketball college things. nevertheless, i will be victorious.”). And also, I really really want Joel’s bracket to come true.

First two weekends of the tourney leading right into baseball season. I love it.

So the way it works is that you get 1 point for each correct pick in the first two rounds, 2 points for each pick in the next two (Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight), 3 points for each correct Final Four pick, and 4 correct for picking the National Champ. I will update this post as the tourney happens. Best of luck to everyone!

Round 1 (32 games):

1st – Jdub, Ryan R – 26
2nd – Ryan H – 24
3rd – pcg, Steve – 22
4th – Jonathan – 21
5th – Ron – 20
6th – Andrew, Morgan – 19
7th – Joel – 14

Round 2 (16 games):

1st – Ryan R – 37
2nd – Jdub – 36
3rd – Ryan H – 35
4th – pcg – 32
5th – Steve, Jonathan – 31
6th – Ron, Andrew – 29
7th – Morgan – 26
8th – Joel – 17

* Well thanks Joel, who basically submitted a joke bracket, for being the only reason I’m not in last. Ever since I started doing these on my site, my brackets have just sucked. Ugh.

Round 3 (Sweet Sixteen):

1st – Ryan R – 47
2nd – Jdub, pcg – 46
3rd – Ryan H – 45
4th – Jonathan – 44
5th – Steve, Ron – 41
6th – Andrew – 39
7th – Morgan – 32
8th – Joel – 21

Round 4 (Elite Eight):

1st – Jdub – 52
2nd – Ryan R, Ryan H – 51
3rd – pcg – 50
4th – Jonathan – 48
5th – Steve – 47
6th – Ron, Andrew – 43
7th – Morgan – 36
8th – Joel – 23

*sheesh, another embarrassing year on my own tourney challenge. Ridiculous. Coming down to the wire for those top 4 brackets.

Round 5 (Final Four):

1st – Ryan H, Ryan R – 54
2nd – pcg – 53
3rd – jdub – 52
4th – Jonathan – 48
5th – Steve – 47
6th – Andrew – 46
7th – Ron – 43
8th – Morgan – 36
9th – Joel – 23

* Look at the Ryans.  If Memphis wins it all, the Ryans tie.  If Kansas wins, Ryan H wins.  And hats off to pcg, good showing!


Morgan – bracket

Steve – bracket



Joel – bracket


Ryan R – bracket

Ryan Hbracket


Jdub – bracket

7 thoughts on “Morgan’s Tourney Challenge”

  1. Is it too late to create an ESPN group for those of us who bracketed that way? Either I can’t figure out how to do it or you can’t any longer.

    Did anyone else see the Drake / West Kentucky game? It was such a good ending I don’t care I picked it wrong.

  2. Bracketed what way?

    And yeah, I saw that game, and I even had Drake in the Sweet 16, so bracket wise it hurts, but that was an amazingly entertaining game.

  3. Connecticut, ow. Bracketed through ESPN, meaning we would all have a login through that site and could be in the same group.

  4. Oh gotcha. Yeah, that would have been nice. I should have done more research on that. Maybe next year.

    And yeah, UConn ouch.

  5. well, I think that was my worst opening weekend ever. But watch out, I’ve got some firepower left up my bracket sleeve that I’m going to use to huff and puff and blow this pool out of the water starting thursday. that made no sense. sorry.

  6. It looks like my hopes and dreams are pinned to Memphis. If they beat UCLA and then beat Kansas in the Final, then it looks like I’ll share first with Ryan H (that’s also dependent on Kansas beating UNC). Otherwise there are about 4 other scenarios where jdub and Ryan H both flip flop 1st and 2nd.

    If UNC wins either the semi-final or the final it’s over and jdub is the ultimate victor.

    Ryan H could win out alone if Kansas beats UNC, and UCLA beats Memphis.

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