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Some Chicago Observations

– My neighborhood has a couple different diagonal running roads (including my road) and so the streets cut up the land a little bit. The result of that is that there are two parks in my neighborhood that are literally not even big enough to throw a frisbee. Here’s a pictures of one of them:

This “park” is literally like the size of someone’s back yard.

– My neighborhood is awesome, particularly my neighbors. We’ve been using our third bedroom as the band practice space, and none of my neighbors care. In fact, one neighbor who I barely know left a note saying we have some really good songs and “best of luck.”

– I live pretty close to Korea Town, and the few times I’ve driven Zach to the airport, I drive right through it. Driving through recently I spotted this:

You can’t really tell from this picture, but that store is called “Sexy Girls of the Hollywood.” I thought that was pretty priceless.

Spotted this at a Dunkin Doughnuts, and I just love the subtext of “sorry for your petty little bitching.” Possibly the most passive aggressive official sign I’ve ever seen.

– I’d never actually seen the green river on St. Patty’s day, and it was pretty fun:

although it probably would have been better hammered.

– All the Wendy’s in Chicago have these big signs displaying “New Italian Beef!” Not only do the signs look like they were put together by a four year old, but the picture of this new sandwich looks horrible. And in Chicago of all places, where you can get a fantastic Italian Beef on every other corner. Poor move Wendy’s.

– When I was first deciding to move down here, I kept saying “probably Wicker Park or Wrigleyville.” Those are probably my two least favorite neighborhoods in all of Chicago now.

– Lincoln Square has two different vintage toy stores within a block of each other. Just found that interesting.

– The other day I had lunch with a few friends downtown, and I had my laptop bag on and this random guy very purposefully ran into me and then said “oh I’m so sorry, let me make it up to you” very awkwardly. I responded “you’re alright bro” and walked away. I checked and everything was still in my bag and in my pockets, though I’m pretty sure he was hoping my wallet was in my back pocket. It was really weird, but I felt kind of a real part of the city. My first attempted pick-pocket. Who knows what sort of damage he could have done with those 4 dollars and random receipts.

– And I leave you with pictures of my cats, more evidence of my growingly reclusive life. Walk on my lawn and I may throw them at you.

I like this because you can see the bird they’re attempting to hunt.

4 thoughts on “Some Chicago Observations”

  1. First of all, that picture of LaPointe “Park” actually makes it look bigger than it is… Secondly, the “Fragile” picture is adorable, it must have had a great and clever photographer. Lastly, HOW ‘BOUT THEM LYRICS? We have a song title now, you know. Well.. a tentative one at least.

  2. Finally! Thanks for a great picturesque update. I had forgotten about the park by your house. I think it looked bigger all covered in snow. You blogging about your neighborhood makes me wish I lived there. I have always kind of dreamed of living in an apartment like yours in a neighborhood like yours. Can Craig and I and our two dogs move in? Hey, this is very random but in the last picture with the cats there is a thing that looks like a steering wheel hanging from the pole outside. I am curious – what is that? Have a fantastic day in Chicago.

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