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Mike Meyers, Adam Sandler – RIP

Thanks to Love Guru and Zohan coming out this summer, we’re officially seeing the deaths of two pretty great comedy performers of our age.

Farewell Mike and Adam.  When we watch Wayne’s World, Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, and the first Austin Powers, we’ll miss you.

15 thoughts on “Mike Meyers, Adam Sandler – RIP”

  1. I dunno, I’ll probably see Zohan (even without being much of an Adam Sandler fan). Love Guru looks like an abortion of a movie.

  2. I have no interest in the Zohan, but have not written Sandler off. He’s demonstrated that he isn’t *quite* a one-note dude. Punch-Drunk Love was amazingly good (while arguably just creating a world where a typical Sandler character is more at home), and Spanglish was pleasant enough.

    Myers, on the other hand… man. Love Guru looks so incredibly bad. He’s in a remake of the Secret Life of Walter Mitty coming up next year, but I have to assume it’s going to suck. I’ll join you in bidding farewell.

  3. To be honest, in watching the previews, Zohan almost looks worse than Love Guru. I don’t know, they both look really really terrible.

    But you’re right, Sandler has had a couple gems in there (I LOVE Punch Drunk Love), so maybe he’s still not out of it yet.

  4. Though Zohan looks like it’s going to get 0 stars, Sandler feels an obligation every once in a while to do a disturbingly over the top Jewish humor film… which usually ends bad, but it’s nice of him to think he’s doing a service to his faith….

    And Love Guru… I just want to know what in hell it has to do with hockey…

  5. yeah, I’m not willing to believe that Zohan is that much worse than some other things in Sandler’s catalogue – I tend to find him over the top. And I’ll always love him for The Wedding Singer, Punch Drunk Love and Spanglish.
    The Love Guru, on the other hand, looks like the dumbest thing I have ever heard of.

  6. The thing that disappoints me about “The Love Guru” is that Ben Kingsley, Jim Gaffigan, Daniel Tosh and Justin Timberlake are a part of it.
    Just when I was starting to respect Timberlake in his acting career since I saw Alpha Dog.

  7. I wrote both of them off a few years ago. Sandler with I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry and Meyers with The Cat in the Hat. Sandler is particularly irritating – half of his films are just vehicles to get jobs for his friends. But those films that aren’t used for that purpose (Spanglish, Punch-Drunk Love and dare I say even Click and The Longest Yard) tend to show he is a decent actor with some range. I don’t know what’s with Meyers – I guess the only thing he can do that’s half way decent now is voicing Shrek (whith #4 in pre-production).

    But Zohan and Love Guru look plain bad. RIP Mike and Adam.

  8. Are you approving all comments now? I tried to say something terribly but it didn’t show up, and when I try to repost it says that it’s a duplicate comment, but not appearing on the page.

  9. I don’t get it, but I’ve posted this 56 times.

    If Zohan swapped release dates with wither Billy Madison or Happy Gilmore I think you’d be saying the exact same thing about either of those. (Billy Madison came out 13 years ago!) 15 year old me and you would have probably thought this upcoming Zohan movie looked awesome, and a never before seen until now Madison or Gilmore that no one has ever canonized as the best of Sandler might not look so hot. Zohan is written by Judd Apatow (I know there is some backlash), Sandler, and Robert Smigel.
    I was more in your boat but then I read a Smigel interview at The Onion AV Club and it really made me want to see the film.

  10. I don’t know why it killed your other comments. Must have thought you were spam I guess.

    I *kind* of understand what you’re saying, except I think the premise of Zohan is just so amazingly stupid, and the premises of Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore are pretty funny right off the bat.

  11. Of course I’ve got the pulse on the hot topics. You know this man!

    And actually, that article says Big Daddy is the worst movie? Come on, that movie wasn’t THAT bad. I mean, it’s nothing great, but I think it’s more enjoyable than Little Nicky for damn sure.

  12. Mr. Deeds is Adam Sandler’s worst movie ever, it makes Little Nicky look like The Godfather.

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