Random Thoughts

Some Random Thoughts

Sorry again for lack of posting.  It’s been a rough couple weeks.  Since I still don’t really have a full post at the moment, I’ll just give you some random thoughts for the day.

– The Cubs are really really good.  That’s all I’m going to say.  I think my lack of posting about them is working, so I don’t want to risk it.

-  I realized that I didn’t know any lyrics to Papa Don’t Preach other than “Papa don’t preach.”  I think I’m fine with that.

-  For the nerds in the house, I’m almost done with Zelda: Twilight Princess, and I would rank my top 3 Zelda’s in this order:

  1. Ocarina of Time
  2. Twilight Princess
  3. Windwaker (not as popular among most, but I loved it)

-  I rewatched As Good As It Gets (which I love) recently, and I think the most striking thing was that there’s a scene at a gas station and the sign reads $1.13.

-  John McCain not knowing how many houses he owns was one of the biggest faux-pas of the election season, and Obama and the Dems absolutely should point it out and slam him for it.  However, one of the dumbest quotes was from Howard Dean on The Daily Show last night – “Jon [Stewart], do you know how many houses you own?  Then you’d make a better president than John McCain.”  Howard, I know you’re kind of insane and stuff, but come on, tone it down a touch.  And the pins that say “How many houses do you own?” are not helping.

-  I keep finding myself daydreaming winning a lot of money, to the point that I sort of subconsciously count on it.  Like it moves from “man wouldn’t that be great” to “that’ll be great when that happens.”  I think I should probably never gamble.

9 thoughts on “Some Random Thoughts”

  1. I agree that the democratic rhetoric tends toward the crazy sometimes, when it would be better to just say John McCain: out of touch with average americans.
    I only care a little bit about any sports, but the two things I care about a little are in great shape right now: cubs and georgia football. I kind of wish I cared more so I could enjoy it better.

  2. Seems to me that Barack Obama is a bit out of touch with sports fans after calling Cubs fans “fair weather fans” (ESPN SportsCenter). He also characterized Cubs fans as “beautiful people” (it was a derogatory comment) who are at games to drink beer and just be seen rather than root for the Cubs. It was a jackass comment and proves to me he is as out of touch with the average American as any other professional politician. I don’t care if he’s a Sox fan – he should have known better.

    But the media being the left’s darling will wash it over in the guise of a fan being a fan. Of course a rich guy is a rich guy (as if it’s McCain’s fault his wife has a brilliant mind for business). And some rich guys just don’t know what they own – some of which is owned for tax purposes.

    Isn’t it wonderful how politics is so polarized both in how it’s viewed and how it’s played? It’s all about perspective…

    Now…Zelda: Twlight Princess only because the buffer overrun that allows for the Wii to be hacked sans a mod chip.

    Papa Don’t Preach – yeah, don’t care either and I’m very much happy with that. And it’s pretty much the same for me and any Madonna song.

    I don’t day dream about money – although I have wondered from time to time why something along those lines doesn’t happen to me…

    Cya next week Morgan. FF starts in a week!

  3. Craig, you honestly think that Barack’s off-handed comment about Cubs vs. Sox is that important? I thought it was a dumb comment because I don’t really agree with it, but to blow it into “he’s out of touch with average Americans” is incredibly ridiculous. So the “liberal media” is going to blow over that comment because they’re leftist, not because it’s just a throw away meaningless comment?

    Sorry, but plain and simple a guy not knowing how many houses he owns is a bigger deal than a guy slandering Cubs fans (who believe me, deserve a lot of slander, even though I am a die hard one).

    I won’t even go into just how much the media is not the left’s darling, and I’m sure you have many border propagandistic sources proving how liberal the media is, and I could point out many border propagandistic sources proving how conservative the media is, truth is it’s in between. There are times that the media slants left, and there are times it slants right. All typically in the same day no less. The media never tires of blowing things out of proportion, and just overall being ridiculous.

    And yes, FF soon. I can’t wait!

  4. Ah mi amigo – it’s all about perspective. I could care less about how many homes John McCain owns – as I said, his wife is a genius in the world of business and high finance. Of course they will have multiple homes – and why not? IMO, his response was as off-handed as you see Barack’s.

    You really think Obama is in touch with the average American? Really? I don’t think any politician is in touch with the average American. Obama comes from the ranks of the Chicago Alderman’s system – that’s as professional as it gets. It really comes down to who can run this business known as America. Obama’s speech last night was full of promises that sound great – and I’m sure McCain’s will as well. But neither will produce those promises. So the bottom line becomes who can run the business…IMO if Obama would slander fans who’ve waited 100 years for what could happen this October, he has no clue about PR, customer service, and management. All things I look for in a leader of a business.

  5. Well do note, I never said that I think Obama is in touch with average Americans. 🙂 However, that’s not *necessarily* what I’m looking for in a candidate, and I do agree with you that I don’t think any politician is truly in touch with average Americans. While I do agree that Obama has a lot of ideals that probably won’t come true, I have found McCain’s speeches even more idealistic, and even more unrealistic (just use the “here’s what the US will look like in 4 years” speech as an example). I would much rather have someone in office who offers a new perspective, is quite open-minded (at least from what I’ve seen), gives us credibility in the world, and has the focus that I feel we should have as a country, than a “good businessman” (which I think is quite debatable in regards to McCain’s qualifications). I don’t want the company/country to operate like it has for the last 8 years any longer. If the president truly does have the influence like a CEO in a company, to use your analogy, then I definitely want Obama there, rather than someone who has corporations and pride in mind far more than the good of its citizens/employees.

    And you’re absolutely right that it’s all about perspectives, and I realize our perspectives will probably never match, but, no offense, it’s hard for me to not find yours ridiculous to think that McCain’s comment is a throw away line that isn’t that big of a deal, while Obama’s is. You have a bias in your perspective, just like I have one in mine. You naturally justify McCain’s comments, and I naturally justify Obama’s.

    However, I feel like you could find better comments of Obama’s to blow out of proportion than a comment about Cubs fans. In fact, the “liberal” media has provided you with several (“they cling to guns and religion” for one).

  6. I also find it funny that this discussion started when I basically said the Democrats were blowing the McCain comment out of proportion. 🙂

  7. Good to have you back online with your observations and those of your respondees. I very much enjoy the back and forth commentary, and still very much appreciate the open mindedness that you continue to expound. It’s what I sense in Obama as well, and not as much in McCain. And I still fault McCain for beginning the opponent bashing; I thought we might finally see a campaign by two respectful gentlemen without all the mud, but, alas Poor Yorick, it’s not to be. Thank goodness I can record programs and skip thru the bull!

  8. Obama’s Sox-Cubs comment was a great moment of a politician actually being honest and truthful instead of flip-flopping to get more mass appeal on something essentially meaningless. He’s a Sox fan, and Sox fans don’t like the Cubs much or their stereotypical drunk bleacher bum fans. Good for him for saying that instead of playing neutral and not saying his real opinion. And sheesh, it was on a sportscenter segment–it’s not like he was using this in a serious campaign speech. He’s not like Hillary Clinton who is a Yankees fan when that’s convenient and a Cubs fan when that’s convenient. He’s a true Sox fan who is not out of touch with reality.

    Now if only Obama could do something to help TCQ’s wrist and GDPK’s knee . . .

  9. Papa Don’t Preach:

    i’ll just give you the chorus so you can sing along properly.

    *papa don’t preach
    i’m in trouble deep
    papa don’t preach
    i been losing sleep…
    and i made up my mind
    i’m keepin’ my baby.
    i’m gonna keep my baby*

    sad yes. but you’re very welcome.

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