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The 25th Hour

25th Hour Poster

Like most Spike Lee Joints (or blunts, or smack), I left this movie going “So?” Acting overall, I’d say very good. Directing for the most part was good, but was sometimes very contrived, as if saying “Hey look I’m a good director because I’m using these wacky reflections and stuff that serve no point.” On the other hand, there were moments that were incredibly well directed, such as a scene in a night club that is shot so it makes you feel like you are a little drunk. I also loved the “f – you” in the mirror scene. However, the biggest downfall to this movie is the lack of continuity and lack of purpose. The story starts off nowhere, and goes nowhere. There are several moments where I felt like the movie was really going to begin, but I got to the end still feeling like there was no point. And believe me, it breaks my heart to give a movie with Edward Norton and Philip Seymour Hoffman (quite possibly my two favorite actors right now) a mediocre rating, but I gotta.

25th Hour Shot

Overall Rating: 2.5

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