Dear Cubs

Well, another year gone by. Another disappointment. Another horrible bullpen, another unhappy clubhouse, and another handful of questionable moves. I know you’ll have some big decisions to make in the off-season. Do we hang on to Nomar? Do we try and find some strikeout king that can hit 40 homers to get in left field, or is Murton up to the task? How can we save this bullpen? Are Wood and Prior EVER going to be healthy? Do we dump Dusty entirely? I don’t envy you those decisions, but I will follow them religiously, hoping that maybe next year will really be the “next year.”

However, I simply have one request. Have fun out there. It doesn’t seem like you guys have been having any fun in the last couple seasons. There was something so fun about the 2003 team, and us fans were able to feel like we were really having fun with you guys. That has not been the case in the last couple years. While I will always be cheering for you, for better for worse, I would really like you and I to have some fun doing it. That’s all I ask.

Your frustrated/beloved/exhausted/fanatic friend,

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