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Tourney Champion

Well big congratulations to Steve Fridsma, the winner of the Tourney Challenge.  Here was the final scores:

Steve – 66

bdf – 63

Andrew – 60

Ryan R – 59

Jonathan, Ryan H, jdub – 58

Tim – 52

Bethany – 48

Morgan – 46

Jacqui – 41

Thanks to everyone who entered!  And beat me easily.  And boo to Florida.  Man, I hate Florida.  I can’t wait to see Noah taken with like the 6th pick and become a total bust in the NBA (Bulls if you land that high of a pick and you take him, I swear…)

So I haven’t decided what Steve’s prize will be yet, but if any of you have any ideas…

6 thoughts on “Tourney Champion”

  1. It’s great to be a Florida Gator!
    That being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if Noah does next to nothing in the NBA.

  2. Boo to Florida, too! That’s two national championships they denied Ohio State this year! And, of course, as usual, Ohio State had PERFECT teams this year. I mean PERFECT. I mean the Buckeyes are totally untouchable. Best teams in the history of athletic competition. On Earth and any other known planets. And the Sun. Better than any teams on the Sun. Stupid Sun teams. Always beating us. I hate the Sun. Wish it would burn out.

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