Me Neither, Just Asking

Me Neither, I Was Just Asking – Sixth Sense

You ever have an “ending of Sixth Sense”-ish flashback of all the girls who flirted with you in your life, and you realize they actually were hitting on you, and all your neuroticism was ridiculous and unnecessary, and it never shed any light on yourself, but rather prevented you from being happy?  *sigh* Me neither, I was just asking.

2 thoughts on “Me Neither, I Was Just Asking – Sixth Sense”

  1. I often think it would be interesting to have a list of how many people were actually interested in you in That Way, and see how many times there were actually crossover periods where you both liked each other, but that somehow nothing ever got started. But then I think that could be depressing, and would certainly be distracting. And actually I hope there hasn’t been a long list of guys who have been interested in me that I wasn’t interested in, because I’d feel bad for them.

  2. Those flashbacks are usually boys, and end with me laughing about how awkward I used to be. Then realizing that I’m still awkward, I just have arrogance instead of low self-esteem now.

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