NFL First Guessing – Week 6

I’m back from being on the road, at least for a little bit.  So I actually have time to type up a few football thoughts.  Now that the Cubs are done and I don’t even have to think about them anymore, it’s nice to focus on football (and hockey too, I guess, but the Hawks are just starting up, so not much to focus on just yet).

Well Dear Chicago Bears, I was very wrong about you.  I will say the thing that is the most refreshing out of these last couple wins is the fact that the coaching staff has been trying something different.  In the game against the Eagles, it felt like Orton was playing just after getting handcuffs taken off.  The main reason I thought the Bears would stink so much this year is not because they don’t have any talent on the team, but the coaching staff seems unaware how to use them.  Suddenly the Bears are a passing threat, and it’s not because the talent has changed, it’s because the coaching staff is getting creative.  They’re trying new things.  Had I known they would do that at the start of the season, I would have probably predicted a different record.

So the 3-2 Bears face the 3-2 Falcons.  Who would have thought this would turn out to be an interesting and highly anticipated game.  Well that’s the reason to love football.  It really is the most unpredictable sport in regards to parity.  Just look at the AFC East this year.

And I haven’t been paying enough attention in the last couple weeks to have a good “no one’s talking about” story.  I have a feeling I’ve set the bar a little high with that concept.

Last Week Record: 7-7
Season Record:  47-29

Chicago @ Atlanta

Miami @ Houston

Indianapolis @ Baltimore

Detroit @ Minnesota

Oakland @ New Orleans

Cincinnati @ NY Jets

Carolina @ Tampa Bay

St. Louis @ Washington

Jacksonville @ Denver

Dallas @ Arizona

Philadelphia @ San Francisco

Green Bay @ Seattle

New England @ San Diego

 NY Giants @ Cleveland

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