NFL First Guessing – Week 2

Last Week Record: 7-9
Season Record: 7-9

Well, I start off with a losing record, but I don’t care because the Bears didn’t (I also won both of my fantasy games)! I’m trying not to get too excited about it since it was just week one and it was the Packers, but holy cow did them Bears look good. Held Favre scoreless for the first time in his career (not him personally, but the Packers with him on it have never been held scoreless), never let the offense past the 35, had an actual passing game, and even special teams looked hot. The only thing to work on is red zone TDs. 5 times in the red zone and never scored. That needs to change, but I’m wondering how much of that was the fact that the Packers looked like there was no way they could even get close enough for a field goal, so the offense wasn’t really worried. Since that’s the only negative point, it feels really good.

Now, what is the deal with Roy Williams talkin smack. What are you doing? I love the “it’s crazy how close we were to scoring 40 points.” Really? I’m pretty sure you were in the red zone twice, and guess what, you scored 6! 40 is a long way from 6. Also, why don’t you talk trash after a good game, as opposed to your 3 catches for 30+ yards game? Just a thought. It’s just way too early to start talking trash, especially when you’re going to soldier field against an amazingly tough defense. It’s dumb in many ways, and he better be on fire Sunday, or the Detroit media should/will never let him hear the end of it.

So now on to the games.

Houston @ Indianapolis

I’m sure I don’t need to explain. Unless Samkon Gado plays like Reggie Bush this Sunday…..

Also, I feel kind of bad for the Texans. Starting off with Philly and then Indy. Ouch.

New Orleans @ Green Bay

It’s hard to really pick Green Bay to lose a consecutive game at home, especially against a very suspect New Orleans team (who they freakin killed at Green Bay last year), but holy cow are they a bad team. I mean really, really bad. Why Favre came back this year we may never understand. Oh that’s right, money.

Also, why the hell did they sign Koren Robinson?  Is he even going to play?  I was so dumbfounded when I heard that.  And then trading Gado to the Texans for Morency straight up.  What was the point of that?  Just to do something?  Am I missing something here?

Cleveland @ Cincinnati

Winslow looked like he may for real be an NFL tight end, but in a battle of big mouths, I’m thinking mouth fool of gold (oh and numbers) wins this one.

Detroit @ Chicago

I’m excited to see the Bears offense against a better defense, but I didn’t see anything last week that would convince me that Detroit can get anywhere near 40 points, nor that they’ll be able to do anything against the Bears D. I have a feeling Roy’s going to get popped a couple times this week by Mike Brown or Chris Harris, but he asked for it.

Oakland @ Baltimore

The battle of two teams I can’t stand. Everyone’s jumping on this Baltimore bandwagon too, and I just don’t know yet. McNair hasn’t been able to complete a season in forever, and Jamal Lewis is bound to get arrested or something. Maybe I’m just hoping since I hate the Ravens. Well either way, they win this game because Oakland blows.

Quick fantasy football moment, I was up 10 going into Monday night in one of my games. I had no one going and my opponent had Moss. Who got 4 points. It was wonderful to not feel bad about being a fantasy fan for a moment, because I love to root against Moss regardless. That guy I was playing also has Owens. What an easy fantasy team to root against.

Tampa Bay @ Atlanta

So after the first week, I guess this is my upset special (at least so far). Tampa is a far better team then they played like last week, and I think Atlanta looked better than they really are. Atlanta ran like crazy as usual, but ORMV (that’s my acronym for Overrated Michael Vick) was 10/22, but everyone’s praising him like he put up Brady numbers. Also Carolina looked really bad, and they just aren’t the same team without Steve Smith. I just see Atlanta running into the same problems they always do, which is looking pretty good, but never being quite good enough to win when it matters. Tampa needs this game.

NY Giants @ Philadelphia

This should be the game of the week. The Giants played a pretty good game against the Colts, and could have won the game, and Philly took a little bit of time against the Texans to wake up. I’m going against my better instincts on this one, but I’m taking the Giants again simply because I think they’ll be able to run all day, and Manning will relax a little more with the spotlight off him. I could be totally wrong on this though. Tough game to call.

Sidenote – I’m so glad the Colts – Giants game is over so I can finally stop hearing about the fact that Eli and Peyton are brothers. Wow they pushed that angle as far as they could.

Carolina @ Minnesota

I have to be honest, since they don’t have Culpepper or Moss or Koren Robinson or Mike Tice or any other Vikings I’ve traditionally hated, I’m finding hard to genuinely dislike the Vikings.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not rooting for them, but they don’t have all the dickweeds that used to make it so easy to hate them.  I’ve always liked Brad Johnson, I like Chester Taylor, there’s always been a place in my heart for Marcus Robinson, and now they have Childress as their coach, who I don’t really mind either.  It’s kind of scary.

I remember when I was having this kind of dilemma with the Miami Heat when Wade was a rookie.  I thought “Can I like them?  Am I allowed?”  And then that off season they picked up Shaq, then followed that up the next year by signing Payton, Walker, Posey, and White Chocolate Jason Williams.  That took care of that problem.  So I need the Vikings to sign TO, then trade for Jerry Porter, Moss, Jamal Lewis, and Ricky Williams.  That would take care of this problem.

Also, I’m picking them in this game because I heard that Steve Smith still isn’t back, and because of that, I just can’t imagine Carolina doing much of anything in this game.  But don’t worry, I’ll be rooting for them.

Buffalo @ Miami 

Buffalo has a weak rushing defense, Ronnie Brown’s on my fantasy team.  It’s destiny.

I’m totally kidding by the way, Miami’s just a much better team.

Arizona @ Seattle

I would have possibly picked Arizona to upset this game, but their defense was just too soft last week for me to do that.  Although I think this will actually be a far closer game than it seems it would be.

St. Louis @ San Francisco

Frank Gore?  The fantasy back of the week?  That’s crazy.  And to think I was intending to draft him in one of my fantasy leagues, couldn’t find him on the list and auto-draft ended up taking Eli Manning.  Dangit.  Oh well, I wouldn’t have started him this past week anyway.  But San Fran looks like they may have an offense, and Denver handed the game to St. Louis last week.  This should be a shootout, but with St. Louis getting field goals instead of TDs a few more times.  (6 field goals in two straight games would have to be close to a record)

Tennessee @ San Diego

Not a lot of mystery here.  San Diego’s defense was the fastest thing to disappear in every fantasy league’s free agency this week.

New England @ NY Jets

Pennington looked really good, but now he needs to play against a real defense.  Even though I’ve picked them to start 2-0, I’m still a Patriots doubter.  But not that much.

Kansas City @ Denver

Here’s another upset prediction.  Maybe it’s just my sentimental side hoping that KC will go win one for Green, or maybe it’s that I secretly want to see Plummer bomb another game so that Denver fans will be frothing at the mouth for Cutler.  Denver fans are crazy by the way, and anyway to get them riled up is just instant entertainment.

Washington @ Dallas

Portis actually played and actually did well.  I’m sure that put a lot of fantasy football team owners’ hearts at ease.  Dallas let one slip away.  Don’t know why I’m picking Washington, it just feels right, and since Mike Greenburg picked Dallas to win the superbowl, it’s only fitting they start off 0-2.

Pittsburgh @ Jacksonville

Well Pittsburgh still looked pretty good last week, and even though Batch’s numbers look amazing on paper, he did what he needed to in the game.  It wasn’t flashy or incredible, it was just adequate (Kyle Orton-esque if you will.  Ha).  However, the score makes it look like the game wasn’t all that close, but it was really up for grabs until about half way through the 4th.  I think everyone’s forgotten that already.  Don’t get me wrong, Pittsburgh’s D is still going to be solid, but Jacksonville is certainly a better defensive team than Miami.  This should actually be a really good game to watch.

Okay so there we go, my picks for the week.   Can I be as averagely wrong as I was last week?  Only time will tell.

I love football!

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  1. Well, I just saw the Bears score their 4th offensive touchdown of the game, and holy shit, I think this Bears team might have an offense. They have just been moving at will against a team that held Seattle in check last week. Still early in the season, but wow does this feel good.

    Oh, and my fantasy teams are sucking. I made a couple of bad coaching moves. Oh well.

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