Baseball Playoffs!

So hey, I actually have a reason to care about the Baseball playoffs this year!  So that’s fun (it’s also really nice to have, since the Bears blow).

So if you look at this post, you’ll see I actually wasn’t too far off in a lot of my picks.  The Brewers were my surprise team in my predictions, and they pretty much were the surprise team, although they didn’t quite cut it in the end.

So I guess I’ll do a quick prediction for the playoffs this year:

1st Round:

Philadelphia vs. Colorado – Philadelphia wins 3-1
NY Yankees vs. Cleveland – Cleveland wins 3-2
Boston vs. Anaheim – Anaheim wins 3-1
Chicago Cubs vs.  Arizona – Chicago wins 3-1

2nd Round:

Cleveland vs. Anaheim – Anaheim wins 4-3
Philadelphia vs. Chicago – Philadelphia wins 4-1

World Series:

Philadelphia vs. Anaheim – Anaheim wins 4-2

It’s kind of funny because my pre-season World Series could happen, but I’m not picking it here.  Oh well.

I’m singing Go Cubs Go
Go Cubs Go
Hey Chicago, what do you say?
The Cubs are gonna win today

2 thoughts on “Baseball Playoffs!”

  1. Yeah, as are the Cubs. I could very well get all four series picks wrong. Ouch.

    Of course I never really claimed to know anything about baseball.

    Other than Cubs suck. I’ll elaborate on that more later.

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