NFL First Guessing – Week 11

Dangit, I dropped the ball on this column again, and now I’m leaving for Florida today.  So I don’t really have time to post all my thoughts, so I’ll just be real quick.

Patriots aren’t going to lose, which sucks because they’re all cocky bastards, but at least I don’t have to hear about the 72 Dolphins anymore.

Speaking of the Dolphins, they’re really really bad.

Grossman’s back?  I don’t know anymore, but who knows, maybe he can put something together (I never wanted to stop believing in him).

Cedric Benson better be gone after this season, or Jerry Angelo is as big of an idiot as I think he is.

Lovie Smith gets coach of the year and all kinds of honors, and now he’s terrible.  What gives?

Alright, here’s my picks:

Last Week Record:  8-6
Season Record:  91-53

San Diego @ Jacksonville

Cleveland @ Baltimore

NY Giants @ Detroit

New Orleans @ Houston

Carolina @ Green Bay

Kansas City @ Indianapolis

Oakland @ Minnesota

Miami @ Philadelphia

Tampa Bay @ Atlanta

Arizona @ Cincinatti

Pittsburgh @ NY Jets
Washington @ Dallas

St. Louis @ San Francisco

Chicago @ Seattle

 New England @ Buffalo

Tennessee @ Denver

Sorry to the three or four of you that read these that I have not done a good job of keeping up.  I am ashamed.  But I do need to leave for Florida.

Go Bears!  I guess.  (btw, anyone following the Hawks?  They’re 4-0 against Detroit this year.  That’s just awesome.)

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